Collection: Palina Pantyushina D' Chavez

Born in moscow, Russia in 1983, with a very natural talent for the arts and design, Palina showed very strong creative abilities at an early age. She studied art at the Municipal Cultural Center of Moscow and later graduated with honors from the faculty of Costume & Fashion Design at the Tecnological College ORT in 2003. Later she achieved a degree in Art Marketing at Sant Martin's College of Art & Design, London and developed her prolific career with more than over a decade as a designer in film, theater, fashion industry, on 3 continents. She has lived in Mexico, since 2007 and has worked at Cancun cultural development as a promoter and coordinator of the Board for Culture and Art. Currently she is working as independent art consultant and teacher, her artistic essence continues to explode, now in paintings, books and fashion design with her original artworks sublimated on textile.