Collection: Patricia Lappin


Member of the Palm Beach Water-media Society and Resident Artist at ZES Boca Raton. Patricia Lappin's current work is in acrylic on canvas, working abstractly from intuition balanced with her classical training in painting.

Lappin's designs still reference nature and humanity but her color choices are neither random nor realistic interpretations. Lappin's colors are symbols of emotions – greens and blues are calm and peaceful, symbols of sky and water, new growth to maturity; yellows, reds, and oranges reference flowers, fruit, berries and sunsets.

Painting from early childhood in St. Louis, MO, Lappin moved to CT with her husband in 1968, developing her skills, working with her mentor, Caesar Cirigilano, exhibiting and teaching classes and workshops.

She opened her first studio in 1980. She was an elected member of The Silvermine Guild of Artists and taught at The Greenwich Art Society.

She moved to Arkansas in 1996, continuing her teaching and exhibiting in galleries and Art Centers in the mid-west and south-west.

She moved to Florida in 2016 and teaches privately and for local clubs and communities.