Collection: Paul Cunningham



​The artist, Paul Cunningham, was born in Denver, Colorado in 1954. Starting early on in his youth, Paul proved to be naturally gifted and incredibly talented as an artist. It was clear throughout his adolescence that a future in the art industry was very bright. Once in his late teens, Paul took a leap of faith and devoted himself entirely to becoming a professional and well- respected artist.
Over the years, Paul took many professional art classes throughout the Denver-Metro area. He also took special technique courses at the Colorado Institute of Art, Red Rocks Community College, and then ultimately at Colorado State University. His dedication to producing beautiful and captivating artwork would not stop there.
Paul has had the fortune of taking his artistic abilities to new lengths by traveling the world. He discovered that traveling inspired him to have new ideas and really sparked curiosity and determination to express his own journey through painting. Much of his artwork is inspired by all the beautiful places he’s been to and the people he has met. The variety of cultures, textures, and colors provide an endless inspiration for all subjects.
The Denver-Native’s love for fresh ideas did not stop at traveling. In 2016, Paul and his wife journeyed to Medellin, Colombia and lived there for 2 1⁄2 years. He opened his own art gallery, where he held small exhibitions and events, and was in the company of very gifted and talented Colombian painters. After some time, Paul was presented with an opportunity to relocate to Florida, which he took. Now, many years later, Paul is finally established here in the Sunshine State as an artist and building a name for himself. His journey has been nothing short of easy, but it has given him the opportunity to create some very meaningful and captivating art pieces. Paul has private collectors from all over the world, starting with USA, Europe, South America, and even Canada.