Collection: Tommy Roach

  I was born in Orlando Florida. Legally color blind with a Green/Red impairment. Had a few hiccups along the way but never stopped me from art. I am a Native American descendent from the Chippewa tribe from Michigan. When I was a kid my mother gave me the tools to bring out an artist. I started with crayons witch lead into to pencil sketching. In High School I created my own skateboard brand called Neves Productions. I created my own logos for T-shits and stickers. Constantly using my mind to create, I found myself in the party rentals and events arena. I was taught scenic painting, mixed with 3-D building of props. I learned how to shape Styrofoam and add a hard coat on top. I also did wood working to make some amazing props. These art pieces were able to be set up and taken back down. I continued doing this scope of work professionally as Neves Productions Incorporated.  I do Murals and 3-D works for residential and commercial clients. Along the way I build natural waterfalls and hand sculpted them in concrete.  I am continuing to stay a creative in all areas of my life. Fine art falls in place perfectly.