Collection: Christine A. Nightingale

Born into a family of artists in Santiago de Chile, Christine Anne Nightingale was marked from a young age by a strong artistic vocation. She initiated her art career professionally when she turned 30, after moving back to her country of origin. 

She lived in Brazil for 10 years, where she completed her Bachelor of Design degree, but art has always been her real passion. Currently located in Boca Raton, Florida, Nightingale is a professional mixed media artist. She mainly paints colorful acrylics that portray themes of human connection with one another, with nature and with their higher selves. Her work is influenced by vintage photography, ancient art and different art movements like Surrealism, Post-Impressionism and Symbolism.  

Christine has participated in art shows in Chile, Brazil and in the South Florida area. She is currently preparing for a solo exhibition.