Collection: Karen H. Salup

My paintings are inspired by creating work with gestural, expressive lines and intuitive color choices. The paintings contain elements of emotional experiences in nature and landscapes, which I personally connect to.

The ultimate goal as an Abstract Expressionist Artist is to create richly textured abstract paintings, Introducing mixed mediums to the mystery and imagination of the environments in which we live in.

The painting technique begins by applying a basic underpainting of neutral colors to a blank surface. A second layer of acrylic or watercolors are added to create a fluid texture. Then I begin drawing with black bold and fine brush strokes, and finally I infuse an array of color theory to bring these images to the viewer. I find within the process, new intuitive emotions that are based on nonobjective expression.

Continuing to add and subtract colors from nature, I then will start to define brushstrokes and create images that appear from within, creating multiple layers of materials to the work either on canvas or paper.  I am manipulating the surface until the work evolves to its final stage.