Collection: Paul Guirguis

As a son of Austrian and Egyptian immigrants coupled with the influence of Brazilian in French Quebecois, I was influenced by a larger world view and had the privilege to travel and experience this cultures.

 I resided in Australia for a few years, which allowed me to attend the grand opening of the Sydney Opera House; which altered my view of art. I believe art is something that creates an emotional response, and emotion that creates chills, one that captures our souls. 

I studied and trained in oils under the Royal portrait artist R. W. Cowan. As his apprentice, I had the opportunity to work on portraits of royalty and celebrities such as Mikhail Gorbachev, President and First Lady Ronald and Nancy Regan, Queen Elizabeth II, Pope John II and many others.

 My education continued, studying applications of Vinitian murals, antique chalks, restoration art, lacquers, gilding, airbrush, and many other forms of mediums.I have deep emotion of pride when I create a piece of art. It is the “ muse upon me “ I feel almost manic ecstasy, it’s likened to the mad scientist in his castle as lightning strikes, it’s alive, It’s alive ! It is the best feeling of happiness akin to love. 

My greatest joys in life are the “ Love of Art,  and the Art of Love. “