Collection: Rosana Friederichs

After taking art classes during attaining her bachelor's in interior design at Miami International University of Art and Design, Rosana Friederichs began experimenting with painting. Rosana can observe people’s personalities, emotions, even their deepest wishes and secrets, and interpret them in the form of art. She describes herself as being in a trance while painting. Rosana grew up spending most summers with the German side of her family. As she says: “I have wonderful memories being in my godparent's home, Hermann, and Teresa, painting every after-noon.” She uses her German family last name in her artistic name in honor of her godmother, as well as artist Caspar Friedrichs.

Artistic statement
I have a deep lust for life. I can go through an ecstasy by tasting a lychee fruit while having breakfast. My sexuality is in every piece of my own being, surrounding myself with sensual moves I transmit to my art through brush strokes and charcoal lines. My paintings reflect me, a woman that have always challenged her limits and boundaries, breaking rules that only limit ourselves. My blunt ways of expressing my thoughts can be poisonous for some that are afraid of honest words, but in the end is a wakening for them. I have discovered poetry and history, artists that have worked deeply in their feelings and intimacy with themselves to transmit what was created in quantum ways in their spirits. It was eternally in them waiting for the right moment to flourish. I speak about myself in those thoughts. The theme of this new series is Marilyn Monroe. My identification with her was my inspiration. Being a beautiful sensual woman is a curse. Loved by many, hated by others. In these paintings we see her as a woman and not a celebrity. A sensitive lonely woman that struggled to live the stardom. I captured her in moments of dreams, sadness, drinking, staring, questioning the meaning of life. I am sure in all of that there is a piece of my-self.

“Having your portrait painted makes you immortal.” - Rosana Friederichs