Collection: Hannah Meorah



Daughter of a sailor and an artist, Hannah Meorah grew wings early in life. Mesmerized by all nature and the beauty in details, she explored earth and sea meticulously. Every crawling creature and sun-spun-web would catch her eye. And somewhere, one time, she saw a horse. 

In Hannah’s early life, her father agreed to take her horseback riding twice a month, and eventually English Equestrian lessons. By the time she was 15, she had a Breyers Horse collection of 20 perfectly molded horses of different breeds and had shown in several Equestrian shows. Kinesthetic learning of the musculature of a horse was happening since she was young. Hannah Meorah was playing with Breyers Horses when her girlfriends were playing with Barbies.

Hannah Meorah’s early drawings began at the age of five and were of various animals she saw. It wasn’t until her teens did she begin drawing herself as a “Horse Spirit” usually with exceptional vigor. The horse became her main totem animal representing elegant freedom, courage, and strength.

Painting herself as a spirit of a horse continues to develop Hannah Meorah’s bravery and resilience while bringing to life a fantastical beast. This therapeutic pass-time has generated an exceptional body of work noted for its powerful movement and sensual overtones. Her deep spiritual exploration and practice has expanded her abilities to channel the Divine and kundalini energy.  

There is Kundalini in her dance, her sleep, her wake, and it is surely running through her brush with every stroke. Sometimes with the fire element riding her back. Sometimes with the water element soothing all fear. And always and in all ways, with Great Spirit, Creator, White Light, Quantum Universal Intelligence, Grandmother Spider… All That Is. God. 

Hannah Meorah’s distinctive style involves robust muscles, circles, sensuous curves, flowing manes and tales, vivid contrasts, and smooth transitions. Many of her works have multiple layers of texture. Some are vibrant with color and others muted with soft monotones. Each print is hand signed by Hannah Meorah, and her style can easily be recognized.